Newborn session preparation guide

The caring and handling of you baby is extremely important to me, therefore, I will not put your baby at risk in any way, therefore, you baby must be watched by you or any adults at all times.

Where will the photos be taken?

The photos will be taken at my home studio based in Truganina 3029 near Tarniet. I use studio lights and the lighting is perfect for newborns. I have a very small space where I work so only a mum and dad with baby is fine, if you have an elder son or daughter we can take their pictures first with the newborn and they can go to nearby places around my area with daddy while I take pictures of your newborn baby!

Newborn clothing and props!

Images by Misha offers the variety to professional props especially made for newborns from the finest international suppliers including wraps, bonnets, tiebacks, bowls, crates, backdrops, blankets and other unique props.

For Parents:

What to wear?

The studio will be kept very warm according to baby’s temperature so make sure you wear something very light and comfortable. Neutral colors look beautiful, and dress in similar tones, no logos, no prints, no watch, no buttons, just a plain shirt with soft, solid color!

Make sure you don’t plan anything else on that day as I don’t rush with babies. It is important to stay calm and relaxed during the session.

Newborn preparation:

Feed your baby well before the shoot to keep her/him asleep as I cannot place your baby in the certain position when he/she is awake. The natural state is ideal for newborn photographs, so expect your baby to be seen in the natural skin for most of the session (off course your baby will be very appropriately covered or positioned carefully to maintain absolute dignity). However, I use wraps to ensure your baby is kept settled.

I will have my house/studio preheated before you arrive and will use portable heater around your baby to keep him/her warm in case central heating is not enough.

Newborn session can take 3-4 hours, allowing enough time for feeding, comforting.


Please dress your baby on the day you are coming only in a zip up onesie if possible with the nappy very loosely attached. No singlets or things pull over the head, this is highly desirable if your baby is asleep when you arrive.

I hope this answers any questions you may have regarding your newborn session. If not please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions/concerns you may have.

I look forward to working with you and your newborn.